Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Tuesday 30 October 2012

Chased enamel pins and collecting tins first thing this morning with Poppy HQ. The tins were sent this morning but they have finished all stocks of enamel pins and have not got any to fulfil my order. Bad news for Abingdon and the Poppy Appeal overall as this is 'lost' money for the appeal and unhappy public.

I contacted County branch and other organisers are now scrabbling around to try and get me remnants of their stock so that I can have some more.

Good news that the first bank was done of £1,141 today :)

Another seller did well in town and his box is now empty so poppy replenishment going to him tomorrow.

Answered lots of email queries about enamel pins & wristbands too (the RBl have some wristbands and will send me what they have).

The Organiser of Steventon came back to me and said she had some pins I could have so went there after work and collected them so will issue them to collectors.

The Organiser in West Hendred has some too and will pick them up when she is available.

Also ordered gift aid envelopes as last year the hymn at the Remembrance Sunday service wasn't long enough so the collection plate didn't get around everyone - this year there will be the option of putting a donation in an envelope and also getting gift aid on those donations from the service - the normal collection plate will also go around for those who wish to donate that way.

Ironically due to a mix up at Poppy HQ I have 800 of those in the post instead of 400 that I ordered.

Eagerly awaiting collecting tins as still have lots to make up for collectors going out next week.

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